Kids Espa

Wednesday 12.6., 13.00-20.00 Unioninkatu 18, 00130 Helsinki, Suomi Finnish, Swedish, English, viittomakieli Helsinki Events Foundation

The Espa Stage is devoted this year on Helsinki Day to kids and the child-minded.

Performing up on the stage in the afternoon and evening will

1pm Kengurumeininki (in Finnish)

Kengurumeininki, a fun band that was formed in 1996, will be joined on stage by friends, including a kangaroo and Captain Hook..
Kengurumeininki plays rock music spiced with everything from metal to jazz.

Band members: Pekka Malkki – vocals and bouncing, Altti Uhlenius – vocals and guitar, Ilari Hämäläinen – vocals and bass, Matti Salovaara – vocals and guitar, Mikko Siren – vocals and drums.\nDuration: 45 min | Suitable for kids ages 2-10

2:30pm Aarne Alligaattori & Viidakkorumpu (Finnish, Swedish and English)

Aarne Alligaattori & Viidakkorumpu is a band founded in 2003 that plays fun and catchy children’s music in both Finnish and Swedish. The band members include Aarne the Alligator and his safari friends, and it plays jungle-like kids’ pop that also features other musical styles.

Band members: Tumppi Nyberg – vocals and Macke Granberg- guitar
Duration: 45 min | Suitable for kids of all ages

4pm Orffit (in Finnish)

Orffit is a Finnish kids’ music band that was founded in 1996 and whose concerts involve listening, thinking and singing together.

Band members: Kimmo Ojala – vocals and guitar, Hannu Sepponen – vocals and drums and Matti Pollari – vocals and horns
Duration: 45 min | Suitable for kids of all ages

5:30pm Varamummo (with sign language)

Step-grandma Ellen is a grandma for everyone who doesn’t have a grandma or whose grandma lives far away. Step-grandma Ellen rides around on her motorcycle and tiny bunny rabbit to all her step-grandchildren whenever she is missed and needed.
Written, visualized and directed by Susanna Haavisto, this musical is intended for children ages 3-6 and their parents and grandparents. The Helsinki Day performance features highlights from the musical.

On stage: Susanna Haavisto, Hanna Raiskinmäki and Suvi Isotalo
Script by: Susanna Haavisto
Music by: Juha Tikka
Music arrangements by: Suvi Isotalo/Juha Tikka\nDuration: 30 min+ | Recommended ages: 3 -100

7pm Linnanmäki Circus School show
The Linnanmäki Circus School presents a street-style circus show with tricks and games together with the audience. The show includes juggling, acrobatics and unbelievable double dutch jump roping along with cool urban music. Circus performers will also walk among the audience doing tricks!

Performers: Holopainen Venla, Honkanen Kia, Hopia Sini, Kukkonen Iida, Kulha Eerika, Martikainen Mira, Menna Ida, Menna Ronja, Muhojoki Patrik, Mustonen Iiris, Mustonen Mila, Päivärinne Petja, Rajala Usva, Seppälä Tekla, Torasvirta Sini, Vaulasto Julius, Viimala Kia
Ohjaajat: Maiju Mustonen, Kimmo Hietanen
Duration: 45 min | Suitable for kids of all ages and languages

The programme will be hosted by the wonderful Minna Kivelä.

Between shows, there will also be activities for kids around the stage

12:15-1 pm and 1:45pm-2:30pm Ville Viking

3:15pm-4pm Bear Bears

Bear Bears is an art education performance that interacts, listens and spreads joy. Come and have fun with the bears!
Age recommendation: 3+.

4:45pm-5:30pm Duo Saras

Duo Saras are two professional acrobats from the circus.

6:15pm-7pm Members of the Linnanmäki Circus School perform tricks

Unioninkatu 18, 00130 Helsinki, Suomi Directions
Accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. There are a few benches in front of the stage.


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