Radio Suomipop’s Helsinki Day Concert

Wednesday 12.6., 16.00-22.00 Kaisaniemen puisto, Kaisaniemen puistokuja, Helsinki, Suomi Finnish Nelonen Media

Radio Suomipop’s amazing Helsinki Day concert will fill the Kaisaniemi park with people and top artists again on Helsinki Day.

Artists: Ellips, Sanni, Juha Tapio, Anna Puu, Ville Valo & Agents, Pyhimys, Ellinoora and the hosts of Radio Suomipop.

Gates open at 3pm, the concert will end at 10 pm.
Ellips 16.00-16.30
Pyhimys 16.50-17.20
Ellinoora 17.40-18.10
Ville Valo & Agents 18.30-19.00
Sanni 19.20-20.00
Anna Puu 20.20-21.00
Juha Tapio 21.20-22.00

Concert info:

Age limits
This concert is free of charge and there are no age limits. However, we recommend that children under the age of 14 be accompanied by a responsible guardian and that they wear hearing protection. The park will be filled with lots of people, so extreme caution should be taken if you are attending the concert with small children.

Getting to the concert
The concert will take place in Kaisaniemi Park. We recommend public transport, as there are no parking places for cars! The park is situated right next to the Central Railway Station, so public transport connections are excellent. Use the Journey Planner to check schedules for buses, trams, metros and local trains.

The area is accessible for wheelchair users. A raised viewing platform has been reserved for wheelchair users during the concert, entrance at Kaisaniemen puistokuja.

Security checks will take place at all the entrances. It is absolutely prohibited to bring into the area or its immediate vicinity SLR cameras, video cameras, recording equipment, camping equipment, grilling equipment, pets, alcoholic beverages, laser pointers, weapons, fireworks or any other dangerous substances or equipment.

Umbrellas are also prohibited for safety reasons. In case of rain, rain jackets are recommended. Taking pictures with your mobile phone or pocket camera is permitted without a flash. Smoking is prohibited in the concert area. In case of any problems, please turn to the stewards for assistance. They can be identified by their yellow and orange vests.

Payment options
We recommend that you bring cash with you. Even though you can also pay by card at many of the sales points, cash is preferable in case of problems with the card systems and to speed things up.

Strollers and prams may not be brought into the area for safety reasons. Outside the area there will be a special area where you can leave them safely. Children must not be left unattended in strollers or prams. There is also a paid (cash only) cloakroom for clothes etc. at the entrance.

Radio Suomipop
Radio Suomipop will be broadcasting live from the concert.

TV broadcast
You can follow the concert live on and on Radio Suomipop webpage. Highlights from the concert can be viewed in September and October on and on the Nelonen TV channel.

The concert is arranged by Radio Suomipop/Nelonen Media

Kaisaniemen puisto, Kaisaniemen puistokuja, Helsinki, Suomi Directions
Accessible for wheelchair users. There is a platform reserved for wheelchair users.


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